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About Us

Inkjet Refill Service

Our Competitive Edge

Our 10 steps to success

3467 GRIMSBY ROAD, (Regional Road 12)
L0R 1M0

CALL (905) 309-1392


Office Hours:
Mon to Fri 9am - 6pm
Sat 10am - 5pm
After hours please call

About Us

Express Inx are located in Grassie, Ontario, Canada and have been serving Beamsville, Grimsby, Vineland, and Smithville for over 18 years. Express Inx offer a printer inkjet cartridge refill service and retail new compatible ink and laser toner cartridges. Express Inx also provide computer services.

Express Inx refill HP, Lexmark, Sharp, Dell, Epson, Canon, Brother, and Kodak. Brand cartridges that cannot be refilled such as Epson T2001 BK and HP 950 XL BK are replaced with brand new compatible cartridges for the same price as a refill.

Ink refills start as low as $8. Click here for our ink refill price list

Express Inx offer a same day ink refill service from their locations at

3467 Grimsby Road/RR12, Grassie, ON L0R 1M0 and

5112 Crimson King Way, Beamsville, ON L0R 1B8

Next day ink refills are available from Giant Tiger, Lakeside Variety, and Daisy Mart in Grimsby. Buzby Variety in Smithville and Rookie Variety in Winona. A weekly ink refill service is available from Art Service in Dunnville.

Click here for the addresses of Express Inx refill centres.

Express Inx offer a next day new compatible toner cartridge service. New toner cartridges are available for HP, Lexmark, Canon, Brother, Dell, Konica, Kyocera, OKi, Samsung and Xerox. All toner cartridges are brand new compatible cartridges, come in vaccuum sealed plastic, factory sealed boxes and come with a 14 day replacement warranty.

Orders placed by Noon Monday to Friday will be available for pick up after 1pm the following day directly from:
Express Inx, 3467 Grimsby Road, Grassie, Ontario, L0R 1M0 and from
Express Inx, 5112 Crimson King Way, Beamsville, ON L0r 1B8 .

Toner cartridges start as low as $28 for Brother TN-350, Brother TN-450, HP 12A, Canon CRG-128. Click here for our new toner price list.

Professional Ink Refill Service

Express Inx use state of the art automated refill equipment and ISO certified inks. All cartridges are filled to capacity, print tested and professionally packaged after refilling. A test print page and refilled cartridge instructions are included with every order. Express Inx offer a 14 day replacement warranty and free post refill phone and email support.

Express Inx use automated state of the art equipment to refill our ink cartridges. Our automated refilling machines automatically empty, clean, refill and prime your cartridges. These processes avoid colour contamination and air bubbles that can occur in manual refilling which can prevent your refilled cartridge from printing properly.

Our Competitive Edge

All Express Inx cartridges are electronically tested and print tested after refilling. A print test is included with every refill as an example of the quality of our work.

Every order receives specific make and model number refilled cartridge guidelines to help you extend the refill life of your cartridges and to achieve the best quality print possible from your refills.

Every order is professionally packaged after print testing to prevent colour contamination or leakage during transport.

Express Inx offer a 14 day replacement warranty on all refills. We provide free email and telephone post refill support to resolve any issues you may have with your refill. No extra charge.

Our 10 Steps to Success!!

  1. State of the Art Automated Refill Equipment.

  2. ISO-9002 Certified Inks.

  3. Cartridge Database including:
    1. Customer contact information
    2. Cartridge brand and model numbers
    3. Cartridge serial numbers
    4. Incoming & outgoing cartridge weights

    In this way we guarantee that you get your own cartridge back and we can also tell you how many times your cartridges have been refilled and when its time to buy new ones.

  4. All cartridges filled to capacity.

  5. All cartridges print tested after refilling.

  6. Print test included with every order.

  7. Refilled cartridge instructions included with every order.

  8. All refilled cartridges professionally packaged with print head sealing tape to prevent colour contamination or leakage during transport.

  9. Free post refill support by experienced and knowledgeable staff.

  10. 14 day replacement warranty.

Express Inx, 3467 Grimsby Road (RR12), Grassie, Ontario L0R 1M0, Canada
Tel:(905) 309-1392

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